Josefine Rauch

Josefine Rauch is based in Offenbach am Main and Berlin. She was born in a small Thuringian town in the year of German reunification. She has graduated from Goethe University Frankfurt and holds a MA in Aesthetics. During her Masters, she was a guest student for Fine Arts, Television, Film, and Media at California State University Los Angeles and worked at the artist residence Villa Aurora. Since 2020, she has been attending photography classes at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin. She works cross-medially with photography, video, and sound.

For the one-year Art Foto Mode programme, Josefine started to work on a project about Wild West enthusiasts pursuing their own kind of American Dream in East Germany. Her hometown in Thuringia was the starting point of “Gorndorf – Texas”. The project is touching upon issues of escapism, misplacement, and nostalgia.

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