Izzy Dempsey

Izzy Dempsey is a Canadian photographer based in Berlin. Following the one year seminar program at Ostkreuzschule with Michael Grieve, she continued her personal photography pursuits with the AFM program. Her latest project was dealing with grief and absence, which has now continued into the exploration of the mystery of time, and how we deal or think about the concept of it. As she works professionally as a photographer with clients, her private work is then especially used as an opportunity to take up space for herself. Reflecting on different topics and feelings, photography gives her the space to conceptualize and make something tangible to what’s deep inside, and with hope that others can also draw something out of it for themselves.

The Passing of Time. Underneath the surface of my questions, seems to be this burning desire to explore and discover other people’s views on life and death, existence and not. The shriveling fear I have inside me of where do we go, the questions that ate up my past, of where we come from. How does this all make sense? How are we here, on this earth? And gone, in another, nowhere? My imagination runs wild, and I can very easily be triggered by the responses. To confront myself with time is to confront myself, once again, with life and death. I want to know what others – if others – think about time. The passing of time. Does time just pass? We measure it by seconds, minutes, hours, days, years. But if we didn’t have calendars, if we didn’t have clocks, how would we feel about it, if we simply just lived? Then we are only left with our body’s that encompass us. We are no longer looking at the concept of aging. Because there is no time to age, there is no time. There is just life and memories.

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