Miharu Micha

Miharu Micha graduated from Charles University in Prague (MA in Art Education, linguistic and literature).

She further expanded her academic education and professional training in the areas of photography, non for profit management, museum education, Japanese drawing (sumi-e) and science of mind and body.

Eco Human Experiment
The experiment is examining the elements and forces in the nature including the relationship with human element. Encouraging humans to play with the elements. Paying subtle attention to processes within the nature and map human intervention. Supporting mindfulness and respect. The background of this project lies in a strong desire for clean water, air and earth and its abundance.
Be attentive to water, wind and earth and fire.
Each is a unique Creator. 
Each is a unique Destroyer. 
Observe transformation.
Of emotion.
Of matter.
It’s liquid.
It’s still.
All elements water, wind, earth and fire are here a metaphor. By observing these elements we can be mindful and pay attention. This practice of mindful observation will teach us to pay more attention what’s going on in the society. Mindfully, respectfully.

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