Miho Kajioka


06-10 June 2022
Naples, Italy

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For the second time, Miho Kajioka, will conduct an Art Foto Mode workshop, this time in Naples, Italy. For 5 days, participating photographers and artists will be encouraged to visually explore the city and capture the nuanced atmosphere of the environment. Each day we will meet to discuss work in progress and learn from Miho’s visual sensibility. Miho will give a small assignment before the workshop begins.

The workshop will take place at the Magazzini Fotografici in the heart of Naples.


Miho Kajioka is a fine art photographer based in Kyoto, Japan. Her work is ethereal and minimalist, inspired by the Japanese tradition of ‘wabi-sabi’ that is the appreciation of beauty in imperfection and transience, and the Zen/Taoist belief that the essence of an object exists rather in the empty space inside and around it.

Kajioka studied fine art in the United States and Canada and has exhibited in France, the Netherlands, Colombia, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Spain. Kajioka’s work is currently being exhibited as a solo show at The Photographers Gallery in London. She won the Prix Nadar in 2019 for her photobook, So it Goes. Kajioka is represented by the Photographers Gallery in London, Polka Gallery in Paris and Ibasho Gallery in Antwerpen.

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