Over a long career Simon Norfolk has…

Flown a helicopter into an active volcano (looking for bears) and once had to jump off a cruise ship;

Shot two seconds of an Austin Powers movie; once punched a High Court judge and has a photograph in the fictional art collection of Bobby Axelrod in the TV show ‘Billions;’

Has slept in a lighthouse, a shipping container, a wigwam and once in a hotel with no roof;

Been on a nuclear submarine, commuted by tractor and once push-started a plane. He doesn’t own a car but he does own a helium balloon.

More formally, Simon has won two World Press Photo Awards, three Sony World Photography Awards, was shortlisted for the Deutsche Bourse Prize and won a Prix Pictet Commission. He was the first British photographer to have a solo show at Tate Modern. He has a CV that is longer than War and Peace.

He shot ten years worth of assignments for the New York Times Magazine and is now a National Geographic photographer*

(*i.e. many, half-year-long, 24-page assignments published in the main National Geographic magazine. Not ‘I once had a pic on NatGeoPeru.com.’ Often confused.)

@simonnorfolkstudio receives a huge through-following from postings on @NatGeo.

He is currently running at a pretty nifty number 44 on ‘The 55 Best Photographers of all Time. In the History of the World. Ever. Definitely.’