Laura Pannack is a London based photographic artist. (b1985)

Renowned for her portraiture and social documentary work, she seeks to explore the complex relationship between sitter and photographer.

Her work has been extensively exhibited and published worldwide, including at The National Portrait Gallery, The Houses of Parliament, Somerset House, and the Royal Festival Hall in London.

Over the past 15 years her artwork has received much acclaim and won numerous awards, among which are the John Kobal Award, Vic Odden prize, World Photo Press Awards, Juliet Margaret Cameron award, The Sony World photo awards, and the HSBC Prix de la Photographie prize. 

Many of the projects focus on youth and time. She fuses her passion for psychology and creativity and often collaborates with a range of practitioners. She believes in a process built on a shared experience.

Laura aims to dig beneath the surface and shift beyond what we think we see

She is driven by research led, self-initiated projects that push her to grow both as an artist and as an individual. 

Many of her projects span over several years allowing the narrative to arise with the development. Largely shooting on analogue film allows her process to be organic rather than being predefined by fixed ideas, introducing chance and fate.

“The work aims to tell and inspire stories. My aim is to connect and emotionally engage with a viewer. I want you to look at my images and see your own story too.”