Vanessa Winship and George Georgiou

  Far removed from the diktat of perfection, the workshop will put the spotlight on the concept of research with everything that this entails in terms of opening, sketching, discovering. George Georgiou and Vanessa Winship will lead you to focus your attention on your creative process. We will begin by identifying each participant’s expectations through … Read more

AFM One Year Program 2022

OVERVIEW Art Foto Mode (AFM) is offering an independent photography programme over a twelve-month period in professional partnership with the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center in Budapest. The aim is for participating photographers to produce strong, concise and meaningful projects, exploring the challenging process of creative and intellectual visual strategies. The emphasis of the programme … Read more

Antoine d’Agata

INTIMATE DIARY : AT LIMITS OF PHOTOGRAPHIC ACT This workshop revolves around photography as a means for asserting a personal perception of the world. Looking beyond the purely documentary, images making up a diary or inventory allow their inventor to cut free from the constraints underlying the transcription of objective reality. Antoine d’Agata’s concern is … Read more

Miho Kajioka

For the second time, Miho Kajioka, will conduct an Art Foto Mode workshop, this time in Naples, Italy. For 5 days, participating photographers and artists will be encouraged to visually explore the city and capture the nuanced atmosphere of the environment. Each day we will meet to discuss work in progress and learn from Miho’s … Read more

Martin Bogren

This workshop will be conducted by Swedish photographer, Martin Bogren, in the vibrant city of Berlin. Participants will be encouraged to produce a fresh body of work or extend existing projects during these intense 5 days. Bogren is renowned for his beautifully intimate photographs, combining a pictorialism and realism, framed in a subjective documentary narrative. … Read more

Anders Petersen

Anders Petersen is very well experienced at teaching photography workshops and has done so over the past five decades. This particular workshop is unique as it will be the first time he has taught a workshop on the Greek island of Santorini. Petersen will encourge particpants to produce very personal photographs based on intimacy and … Read more

JH Engström

This 5-day workshop was conducted by the Swedish photographer, JH Engström, on the Greek island of Santorini, situated in the southern Aegean Sea.  Participants were encouraged to produce emotive and intimate photographs, while finding appropriate techniques to visually manifest depth and meaning with their work.

Miho Kajioka

This workshop was conducted by the Japanese photographer, Miho Kajioka, on the beautiful Greek island of Santorini, situated in the southern Aegean Sea and was hosted by The Palm Tree Workshop Space in a restored 1800’s Captain’s House, at Akrotiri village. The Greek island of Santorini is the wonderful location for this unique workshop, and … Read more